Automotive Examples

Automotive articles written for websites or ghostwritten for clients.

It Still Runs

– (For Demand Media)

What Is the Difference Between the 67 & the 68 Impala?


Route 66 Rambler

– Collector Car Guide

AMC Gremlin: The Affordable Collector Car

How Old Does a Car Have to be to be a Classic?

How Much does Classic Car Insurance Cost?

Is it More Expensive to Insure a Classic Car than a Regular Car?


Southern Car Parts

C8 Corvette Parts, Accessories, Apparel

RPI Designs

C8 Corvette Parts, Accessories, Apparel

On these two Corvette sites, most of each article follows the product selection being described.

Tech Examples

These are technology articles I’ve written for other sites or ghostwritten for clients.

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

The Impact of TMS on the Car Industry

Tech Guy Smart Buy
Just How Smart Are the Latest Autonomous Vehicles?

How Machine Learning Has Disrupted the Manufacturing Industry
The Impact of IoT on the Auto Industry

Project Accelerator News
How Are Tech Solutions Improving Project Management?