Writing By Mike is a professional writing service, specializing in

SEO Optimization

The art of attracting search engine traffic, tailored to your business, in your market.

Content Marketing

Publishing useful, informative and entertaining content on a consistent basis goes further than anything else to establish authority and trust with buyers.

Articles and Blogs

One- or two- page articles, essays, copywriting, guest blogging, Blog Posting.

Ghostwriting and Rewriting

Maybe you’ve got some white-label content, output from an AI-Chat Writing App, or maybe you bought cheap work from a content platform. I can fix that.

Whole-Site Rewrites

I’ll rewrite article, product. market and category copywriting for every page on the site. It can cost a lot, but you’re buying 17 years of writing for the web.

This is a good fit for times when:

  • You’ve got a website where you’ve kind of lost your direction
  • You have a domain name, but nothing is on it yet
  • You’ve bought an existing site to revamp for affiliate marketing and SEO
  • You want to auction off a website name and need some content on it to improve its buyer appeal

Long-Form Content

Topic Clusters, ebooks, Wikis, Buyer’s Guides, Comparisons, How-Tos, Product Shootouts, Spotting Guides and other forms of text productions longer than two pages.


Technology Explanation from a Certified Mechanic, Machinist and 3D Drafter. A degreed professional in 3D Design, CNC, Systems Integration, VR/AR, AI, Simulations and Manufacturing, with 10 years working in the field for Intel, Honeywell, Motorola and others.

Automotive Writeups

I’ve been a lifelong motor enthusiast. Building, loving, driving, racing, fabrication, restoration and repair of motorcycles, muscle cars, hot rods, kit cars, homebuilt, you name it.

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