Writing By Mike is a professional writing service, specializing in SEO, Content Marketing, Article, Blog and Essay Writing, Ghostwriting and Whole-Site Rewrites.

So why should you hire a 60-plus freelance writer who’s a lifelong car freak and a farmer with seven grandkids? I mean, there are some pretty good writers out there nowadays.

Writing By Me

On the other hand, I do come with a high-technology background in automotive and aerospace manufacturing, 3D graphics, VR/AR and artificial intelligence.

Big-time technologies like these are here to stay, and all of them are daily trending topics. You’re going to need a Subject Matter Expert. We all are.

Mike, a 61-year-old writer with a beard, shoulder-length hair, wearing a crumpled straw cowboy hat, work shirt, jeans, cowboy boots.
Meet Mike, a 61-year-old writer

Do You Have Any of These Symptoms?

  • Stumped by SEO
  • You need Content Marketing experience
  • Smoother style is what you need…
  • You need crazy insane grammar skills and perfect spelling, just to get your own time back with less editing
  • It seems as if a versatile vocabulary is a thing of the past
  • You need professional writing, honed the old way, by nearly two decades of content writing
  • Maybe deep research and truthful facts DO matter, after all
  • YOUR readers crave insights only gained by working in the field


You need Writing By Me.

A variety of career and life experience, from military service to–

  • Automotive and Aerospace manufacturing
  • CAD, 3D Design and animation
  • Restoration and customizing
  • Systems Integration
  • Homesteading/Market Gardening

– provides deep perspective, bringing additional insight to your content.

A faceted outlook bolsters authenticity and authority, not only for these topics, but for many others.

He’s Out Standing in His Field. Well, he is out in his field, anyway.

SEO-Specific Training:

Hubspot Academy:

  • Content Marketing Certified
  • Digital Marketing Certified
  • Business Blogging
  • Content Strategy

Real Life Technology Street Cred

I’m a Member in:

  • Meta’s invite-only AR Insiders Community
  • OpenAI.com ChatGTP 4 Beta
  • Google’s Bard AI Project
  • Hubspot Hubchat AI Beta
  • Hubspot AI Content Assistant Beta

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