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Tech Examples

These are technology articles I’ve written for other sites or ghostwritten for clients.

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

The Impact of TMS on the Car Industry

Tech Guy Smart Buy
Just How Smart Are the Latest Autonomous Vehicles?

How Machine Learning Has Disrupted the Manufacturing Industry
The Impact of IoT on the Auto Industry

Project Accelerator News
How Are Tech Solutions Improving Project Management?


Writing By Mike is a professional writing service, specializing in

SEO Optimization

The art of attracting search engine traffic, tailored to your business, in your market.

Content Marketing

Publishing useful, informative and entertaining content on a consistent basis goes further than anything else to establish authority and trust with buyers.

Articles and Blogs

One- or two- page articles, essays, copywriting, guest blogging, Blog Posting.

Ghostwriting and Rewriting

Maybe you’ve got some white-label content, output from an AI-Chat Writing App, or maybe you bought cheap work from a content platform. I can fix that.

Whole-Site Rewrites

I’ll rewrite article, product. market and category copywriting for every page on the site. It can cost a lot, but you’re buying 17 years of writing for the web.

This is a good fit for times when:

  • You’ve got a website where you’ve kind of lost your direction
  • You have a domain name, but nothing is on it yet
  • You’ve bought an existing site to revamp for affiliate marketing and SEO
  • You want to auction off a website name and need some content on it to improve its buyer appeal

Long-Form Content

Topic Clusters, ebooks, Wikis, Buyer’s Guides, Comparisons, How-Tos, Product Shootouts, Spotting Guides and other forms of text productions longer than two pages.


Technology Explanation from a Certified Mechanic, Machinist and 3D Drafter. A degreed professional in 3D Design, CNC, Systems Integration, VR/AR, AI, Simulations and Manufacturing, with 10 years working in the field for Intel, Honeywell, Motorola and others.

Automotive Writeups

I’ve been a lifelong motor enthusiast. Building, loving, driving, racing, fabrication, restoration and repair of motorcycles, muscle cars, hot rods, kit cars, homebuilt, you name it.

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