Tech Examples

These are technology articles I’ve written for other sites or ghostwritten for clients.

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

The Impact of TMS on the Car Industry

Tech Guy Smart Buy
Just How Smart Are the Latest Autonomous Vehicles?

How Machine Learning Has Disrupted the Manufacturing Industry
The Impact of IoT on the Auto Industry

Project Accelerator News
How Are Tech Solutions Improving Project Management?

About Writing By Mike

Writing By Mike is a professional writing service, specializing in SEO, Content Marketing, Article, Blog and Essay Writing, Ghostwriting and Whole-Site Rewrites.

So why should you hire a 60-plus freelance writer who’s a lifelong car freak and a farmer with seven grandkids? I mean, there are some pretty good writers out there nowadays.

Writing By Me

On the other hand, I do come with a high-technology background in automotive and aerospace manufacturing, 3D graphics, VR/AR and artificial intelligence.

Big-time technologies like these are here to stay, and all of them are daily trending topics. You’re going to need a Subject Matter Expert. We all are.

Mike, a 61-year-old writer with a beard, shoulder-length hair, wearing a crumpled straw cowboy hat, work shirt, jeans, cowboy boots.
Meet Mike, a 61-year-old writer

Do You Have Any of These Symptoms?

  • Stumped by SEO
  • You need Content Marketing experience
  • Smoother style is what you need…
  • You need crazy insane grammar skills and perfect spelling, just to get your own time back with less editing
  • It seems as if a versatile vocabulary is a thing of the past
  • You need professional writing, honed the old way, by nearly two decades of content writing
  • Maybe deep research and truthful facts DO matter, after all
  • YOUR readers crave insights only gained by working in the field


You need Writing By Me.

A variety of career and life experience, from military service to–

  • Automotive and Aerospace manufacturing
  • CAD, 3D Design and animation
  • Restoration and customizing
  • Systems Integration
  • Homesteading/Market Gardening

– provides deep perspective, bringing additional insight to your content.

A faceted outlook bolsters authenticity and authority, not only for these topics, but for many others.

He’s Out Standing in His Field. Well, he is out in his field, anyway.

SEO-Specific Training:

Hubspot Academy:

  • Content Marketing Certified
  • Digital Marketing Certified
  • Business Blogging
  • Content Strategy

Real Life Technology Street Cred

I’m a Member in:

  • Meta’s invite-only AR Insiders Community
  • ChatGTP 4 Beta
  • Google’s Bard AI Project
  • Hubspot Hubchat AI Beta
  • Hubspot AI Content Assistant Beta

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